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Nova Scotia should join the Canadian Confederation. Essay

I will explain why Nova Scotia should join the Canadian Confederation from two aspects. The two aspects are defense security, economy and trade. First, I’ll talk about defense security.
Nova Scotia is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, convenient for maritime transportation and has pleasant climate and abundant resources. Also it is the closest landing site that European colonists immigrate to Canada mainland and an international important port. So Nova Scotia has very important strategic position. It’s the starting point of European going into Canada or attempting to invade Canada. Because of these, Nova Scotia used to be the focus of the Anglo-French colonists’ interests for the region. In addition, many pirates often infested in Oak Island which is located in the east of Nova Scotia. Local resident masses had no means to live. And the area of Nova Scotia is very small, from the perspective of war, it is flimsy. If Nova Scotia doesn’t join the Canadian Confederation, it will be captured when colonists invade. If Nova Scotia joins the Canadian Confederation, the Canadian Confederation will be the most powerful backing. Second, I’ll talk about economy and trade.

Nova Scotia is surrounded by water. Most people on the island are fishing for their living. Most of their wares are transported to Canada inland various areas and they trade with these areas. This is the major revenue stream of Nova Scotia. However, there are so many invaders and pirates in the island, it doesn’t have a safe convenient channel to transport wares to Canada inland. When we transport wares to Canada inland, we still need to pay a lot of taxes. So revenue stream is not enough stable. In addition, the number of people on the island is small and industry is relatively single. Some of necessities need to be imported from Canada inland. These imported necessities are also interfered because of the reasons I just said. So life can’t get security. In the other side, Nova Scotia is an important port for transportation and relatively close to Europe and United States. It is very suit for international trading. However, if security is not guaranteed, it won’t be able to get better development. Beyond these, if Nova Scotia joins the Canadian Confederation, we can put more focus on the development of international trade and local industry, and use the Canadian Confederation’s funds and technology to build railways and roads et al. We can also use its education and medical resources to improve the local infrastructure and raise the level of resident’s life. Finally, if Nova Scotia joins the Canadian Confederation, it can get good security safeguard. Its economy can get better development. The residents will also live better. So, Nova Scotia should join the Canadian Confederation.

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