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Note for a Presentation Essay

The presentation is focused on the various design techniques of WireWalkers club. The design techniques follow UML design patterns which primarily starts with the high level design, namely the Use Case model. The Use Case model is further detailed to class diagram and subsequently to database diagram for fetching the required tables that needs to be physically designed into tables. The tables are populated with data and all the database queries are performed at it. Queries, reports and data entry forms take center stage.

All the database operations guarantee a smoother functioning of the organization in storing and retrieving information. The complexity of storing and fetching information is solved for the Wirewalkers enterprise. The specific purpose can be related to mining of database which would churn out the most crucial information which WireWalkers could capitalize for understanding the resources well. The allocation process for the various participants can be utilized well for the purpose of making a right decision. The information is very useful to stay synchronized with the regular operations of the enterprise.

It would not only strengthen the enterprise but also make sure that every bit of crucial information is given importance and stored safely. It is also efficient from the inquiry point of view and serving as an infomediary service. The queries and reports designed would very effectively serve the purpose of the higher management of the enterprise. The information would also help the organization to know the various events and people of repute and their skills. The recognition of their skill is very essential for fetching a defined behavior for their talent and contributes to the success of the organization itself.

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