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Nostra Aetate Essay

1. What contemporary reasons would cause mankind to draw “closer together” and to strengthen “the ties between different peoples”? (2) Culture, common beliefs, sports, births, deaths, celebration, tragedy, reunions, weddings, music and war are all contemporary reasons that would cause mankind to draw closer together. Regardless of age or gender, one can still love a sport. When Steve Jobs passed away, the world mourned. Though tragic, death can bring many people together and teach them not to take everything for granted. Also, recently, the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton brought together many people all across the world – everyone was watching. Of course, war. Though war isn’t really recent, when soldiers died for Canada, people were brought together at the time, they were safer, closer in numbers. Also, protests bring people together to fight for a common belief. In this sense, all the reasons that bring people together and strengthen the ties together are because EVERONE has been affected. When something happens and EVERYONE is affected, it causes people to come closer together.

2. According to the Church, what three things draw people to fellowship? (3) i) “One is the community of all peoples, one their origin for God made the whole humans race to live over the face of the earth.” Basically, we are all human, and our origin is God, and we all share and live on the Earth together. ii) “One also is their final goal, God. His providence, His manifestations of goodness, His saving design to extend to all men.” – This means that the final goal of mankind is to reach God through Salvation, and that He will be our Saviour. ii) “Until that time when the elect will be united in the Holy City, the City ablaze with the glory of God where the nations will walk in His Light.” – That this glorious city of God, heaven will come to the people who are good. These are the three reasons that draw people to fellowship.

3. List the questions that are examined by all religions. What is the basis of the universal need to recognize a Supreme Being? (3) Some common questions that are examined by all religions are: What is man?

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