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Non-medical incidents and emergencies that may occur in the work setting Essay

Security incidents

Identify the issue and assess appropriate action. First, isolate your responsibilities away from security breech i.e. get children to safety. Call for emergency services to assist, next try to de-escalate the situation if possible but not at risk to personal safety

Emergency incidents – (challenging behavior)

The degree to which the behavior is affecting other around will make a difference as to how you deal with it. This is different to a security risk as it is assumed that this person is your person responsibility. Firstly, separate the danger from the other participants. Next, attempt to communicate with the individual and calm them down if possible. This may be suggesting a distraction, “how about we get an ice cream and talk it over” the walk to the shop might be enough to calm them down. If this does not work, emergency services must be called as they have greater knowledge at how to deal with these issues. The individual might not display aggressive challenging behavior. It might take a different form such as self-harm or running away from the campsite. These are extreme situations which can not be allowed to fester. Every second is putting the individual at risk of injury and stress.

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