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Noli Me Tangere Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Noli Me Tangere

Many Filipinos will recognize the Latin phrase “Noli me Tangere” as the title of Jose Rizal’s first novel, rather than as a biblical line from the gospel of St. John (20:17). In English, it is usually rendered as “Touch me not. ” This was what the risen Jesus told the startled Mary Magdalene when she tried to approach him after he had called her name. The meaning of this utterance has been the subject of much dispute, not least because it appears only in John and not in the other gospels. When later he appeared before his disciples, Jesus invited the doubting Thomas to touch his wounds. Yet he would not allow Mary, whose faith needed no confirmation, to hold…

Summary of noli me tangere and el filibusterismo

I.A social gathering On the month of October, Kapitan Tiago (whose whole name is Don Santiago de los Santos) is organizing a luxurious feast. It will be held in his home, which is located in the town of San Diego; more specifically, in Anloage Street. The guests arrive that evening, greeted by Tiya Isabel, the cousin of Kapitan Tiago. Padre Damaso, Padre Salvi, Tenyente Guevarra (captain of the civil guard), and a foreigner with red hair from another country are some of the important guests that come to the gathering. There is a heated discussion amongst them regarding the ethics of the Filipino culture, Tobacco monopoly, and the Spaniards’ harsh insults against the Filipinos. It was also revealed that Padre…