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Nodding Ethics of Care and the Four Standard Essay

Ethics is a study of human conduct in relation to his moral principles. These moral principles may be regarded as the behavior or conducts that human psychology has adopted or the way on which the obligations and specific duties of the society demands from its members. (Carol, 1982) The ethics of care is an ethical theory that to talk about what makes an action right or wrong. These theories were developed by feminists during the late 20th century.

According to these theories, while the deontological and consequentiality theories emphasize on the importance of universal importability, ethics on the other hand emphasize on the importance of relationship. (Bartky, 1990) Nel Noddings Nel Nodding was an American feminist and educationist who was famously known for her work in philosophy, ethical care as well as her educational theories. She emphasized on the basics of ethical theories and their recognition.

(Sarah, 1990) She was in much advocacy of the independence of people in achieving their interest and those that are vulnerable to our choices as well as their outcomes needs extra consideration and would be determined by measuring through 1) the level of the vulnerability depending to one’s choice and 2) how much it would affect one’s choice The most important reason for this theory is safeguarding and promoting one’s interest.

(Dewey, 1993) Reference: Bartky, S. 1990: Femininity and Domination, page 104-5. Routledge, New York Carol, G, 1982: “In a Different Voice: Psychological theory and women’s development. ” Cambridge, Harvard University Press Dewey, J. 1993: Educating for Intelligent Belief or Unbelief. New York: Teachers College Press Sarah, L. 1990 ‘Some Concerns about Nel Noddings’ Caring’. Hypatia 5 (1),

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