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Noble Prize Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Noble Prize in Physics

The Nobel Prize was established in the year 1895 following the honor of Alfred Nobel who was among the chemists considered influential and powerful in the scenes of inventions. It is imperative to note that Nobel Prize in Physics is regarded as a precious award in this field of study and thus its reception comes with a lot of dignity and respect. On the third day of May, the year 1902, a year after the Nobel Prize was first awarded, Alfred Kastler was born. This was in Guebwiller in Alsace where he also studied in his earlier life before he continued further at Oberrrealchile of Colmar. He was later to collect the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1966. Kastler taught…

Albert Einstein As A Noble Prize

This essay will discuss about Albert Einstein’s inventions, achievements and the Nobel Prize. Moreover, it will discuss about his mistakes in his life. Albert Einstein is the 20th century’s greatest scientist. He contributed immensely to the world of science and more specifically in physics where he developed the energy law of relativity; E=mc2 and later won the noble peace prize. He advocated for the use of non-militant means to achieve peace and this later led to the formation of the Albert Einstein’s Peace Prize which is awarded yearly. This was influenced by his belief that that people have got to start to think in new ways of preventing military contests whose results are a disaster to all concerned parties. In…