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Nitrate Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Endothermic Reaction

Endothermic Reaction Lab Report The Effect Ammonium Nitrate has on the Temperature of Water During this lab students are going to mix water and ammonium nitrate one gram at a time and observe the change in temperature that is occurring. The students are then going to record the data on a table and later will be able to make a graph of the results. A hypothesis for this lab could be if ammonium nitrate is added to water then the water temperature will decrease. Hypothesis: If ammonium nitrate is added to water then the water temperature will decrease Materials Goggles Gloves 250 ml beaker 150 ml beaker Chemical scoop Petri dish Petri Dish Accurate Scale 12 grams of Ammonium Nitrate…

Cations and Anion Lab

Introduction In this experiment we will be mixing two ionic compounds: potassium chromate and lead nitrate; both are soluble in water. This will be demonstrating a double-replacement reaction/reactions between cations and anions. If a reaction does occur it will form a precipitate due to one of the newly formed compounds not being soluble in water. Once the experiment was completed there was what appears to be a “solid” substance remaining in the test tube. This shows that a reaction occurred. Procedure 1. Once in the ChemLab-Cations and anion reactions. You will need to obtain a 100mL beaker and 50mL of potassium chromate. This will be done by clicking on the Chemicals section of the toolbar, then selecting 1M Potassium Chromate,…