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Nikki Giovani Comparing Poems Essay

Nikki Giovanni uses good choice of words and figurative language to put the reader in a vivid world. She uses vivid verbs, personification, and other elements to really give the right picture in your mind. Her method works because the readers get hooked onto the poem and want to read it. One of my favorite poems is “poetry.” Poetry is a poem about poets using poetry to express themselves and not to impress anybody. She uses metaphors to show what poetry is, she says “A poem is pure energy.” These types of metaphors help the reader picture what the poems trying to say. She also uses personification to also have a better understanding. Another one of Nikki Giovanni’s poems is “women.”

I think that this poem talks about a woman who has been rejected. She uses metaphors to express how she feels. She says “I am glass” to say she is transparent. Nikki Giovanni uses metaphors and simile in both poems. She uses these so that readers will understand the poem better. This is a good way to get readers interested. She also uses other elements like repetition to emphasize it like when she repeats “I am glass I am glass.” In the poems “women” and “poetry” by Nikki Giovanni she uses different elements to express what she is trying to express. We talked about two metaphor and simile. The way she uses the different elements really goes along with the poems. It goes really well because it gives the readers pictures of what the poet is trying to express. This is why Nikki Giovanni’s method works good in poetry.

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