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Nigeria Student Essay

My name is Adebimpe Godwin Akinade, I am from Nigeria, and I am 16 years of age, I have three (3) sisters, one of them is in Nigeria while the other two are here in London with me. I love playing video games during my lecture time and also reading novels as well. I love hip pop and rap music, I love watching horror movies, my favourite movie is “THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE”. I attended primary school in my home country at Stella Maris Primary School, I graduated from the school in primary 5 in 2004, I left to further my studies at Command Day Secondary school, due to the low standards of the school I was forced to leave to another school to complete my high school certificate. I moved to Stella Maris College where I completed my high school and attained my GCSE Equivalent.

I came to Kaplan International Colllege to do a 2 Term foundation programme in Science and Engineering to progress to city university to study Civil Engineering, I Chose to study the course because the subjects which I find interesting are the main subject needed for the course, The subjects are Mathematics and Physics and I hope to be able to do as expected in the course. My English though is not bad but I still have some areas which I fall behind and I Hope to resolve the problem as I progress in Kaplan. One major problem I have in English writing is the punctuation marks ,I have problems in putting the punctuations in the right place been dealing with the problem for a while now but I hope to get over it during my period of study I Kaplan and through the following ways : Regular writing of various essays, taking note of the punctuation marks as used in the newspapers, novels, and various articles.

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