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NFC technology Essay

‡ The NFC Forum has identified three basic use cases for NFC: connection, access, and transactions. All three have application in transport. ‡ Public
transport requires infrastructure for NFC Ticketing + NFC Payment ‡ Transportation Uses:

ͻ Pay Parking fee
ͻ Purchasing fuels
ͻ Links to an up-to-date weather report website
ͻ Location-relevant map
ͻ Special discounted travel offers
ͻ Next bus/train arrival time
ͻ Taxi services
ͻ Emergency calls

Ease of use: This criterion refers to ͞the degree to which a person believes that using a particular system would be free of effort͟ ‡ Cost: It regroups direct costs (e.g. cost of the technology, cost of implementation) and indirect costs (e.g. infrastructure operation and maintenance).

‡ Reliability: The purchase process should be flawless as it involves a financial transaction.
‡ User/Market Acceptance: This criterion represent the degree to which the user and the different stakeholders are already consenting to accept a technology for payments. ‡ Security: Implicit security features (e.g. embedded encryption) and ease of securing the technology. ‡ Flexibility: Degree to which the technology can be adapted in many different applications.

‡ Maturity: Development state of the technology.
‡ Speed: Implicit speed of the technology for payments.
‡ Scalability: Ability to grow. Usability in small and large environment.

‡ Upcoming Bluetooth 4.0 low energy protocol will be consuming even lower power than NFC as of now.
‡ NFC alone does not ensure secure communications is vulnerable to data modifications.

Advantages over Bluetooth
‡ Almost instant connection (around 1/10 seconds) in comparison to pairing procedure of Bluetooth.
‡ Low power consumption and could work (alternatively) even when one of the device is powerless .
‡ NFC is compatible with existing passive RFID (13.56 MHz ISO/IEC 18000-3) infrastructures.
‡ Shorter range makes it suitable for crowded area with high interferences.

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