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Newspapers Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Internet: Threat to Newspapers

The newspaper has been an integral part of the lives of people over the past few decades stretching as far back as 1605, not to mention that it has also been one of the many social elements which have contributed largely to the sharpening of the awareness of the public. Much of the purpose of the newspaper remains to this day focused on publicizing news and current events and other information which can hold the general interest of the public. Newspapers are also used for advertising purposes as well as for the public announcement of recent events in the society. Apparently, newspapers now face the threat of extinction brought by the same technology that has catapulted it to mass production….

Do the Press Have Too Much Freedom

Freedom of expression has always been emphasized as an essential basis for the democratic functioning of a society. The reasons for this are: the right of an individual to self-fulfillment, which right requires the communication of thought and an attempt which is frustrated if information is suppressed or comment blocked. For this we need press and it has to be free for being unbiased. Newspapers is an important source of information spreads news in an unlimited way. Furthermore, newspapers spread appropriate information to the readers and motivate them to think and to be aware about current events that affect society; additionally they can undermine important people’s public image by spreading biased information. They do so, in order to provide exclusive…