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NET framework Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Net Framework

Net Framework is a Microsoft tool provided to the development world with an objective to facilitate the consistent object oriented programming environment. The . net Framework comes as an integral component of Windows Operating System to create a code execution environment. For this the . NET Framework comes with the Common Language Runtime (CLR) and the . NET Framework class library. CLR acts as a standard foundation to build a variety of new applications, where as the . NET Framework class library offers standard implementations new services for CLR-based applications. Such facility of code execution settings will minimize the Software versioning and software deployment conflicts. The built in . net Framework in Operating system will encourage safe execution of code…

NET framework and common language runtime

The . NET framework is a component of Windows that enables the running of more advanced applications and XML Web services (DePetrillo, 2002). One of the main aim of coming up with this framework is to enable applications to have a consistent object-oriented programming methodology. It is also useful in that it eliminate software deployment and the execution of code safely without problems of scripting and interpreted environments. Microsoft. NET is also referred to as Windows DNA, it was a Microsoft’s previous platform used for developing all enterprise applications. It includes a variety of proven technologies which are in the production they include Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) and COM+, Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ), the Microsoft SQL Server database. Common Language…