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Nervous Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Is Sensory Integration Therapy Beneficial?

“Imagine driving a car that isn’t working well. When you step on the gas, the car sometimes lurches forward and sometimes does not respond. When you blow the horn, it sounds blaring. The brakes sometimes slow the car, but not always. The blinkers work occasionally, the steering is erratic, and the speedometer is inaccurate. You are engaged in a constant struggle to keep the car on the road, and it is difficult to concentrate on anything else (Greenspan, 1995). ” This is precisely the way an individual with sensory integration disorder feels. Individuals that have sensory integration disorders have a neurological disorder, which results from the brain’s inability to integrate certain information received from the body’s seven sensory systems(Miller &…

Two-Point Discrimination Test: Determining the Two-Point Threshold

The two-point discrimination test of the skin is a simple test of the sensory nerve function. Two-point discrimination measures the individual’s capability to distinguish two points of stimuli presented at the same time. The importance of this study is the ability to tell of two points verses than one that pressing on the skin depends on two things: the concentration of the sensory receptors and the connections that the sensory nerve cells make in the brain. An esthesiometer or caliper; compass-type instrument was used to determine limits of two-point discrimination sensitivity in several skin areas on the subject’s forearm, thumb and index finger. The activities involve the touch sense of the skin, which allows us to distinguish different kinds of…