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Nerve Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Action Potentials

An action potential is the change in electrical potential associated with the passage of an impulse along the membrane of a muscle cell or nerve cell. An action potential occurs when a neuron sends information down an axon, away from the cell body. A threshold is the minimum amount of stimulation needed to start a neural impulse (you know, the electrical impulses that travel throughout your body carrying important information). Action potentials generated by neural impulses are “all or nothing,” meaning the signal reaches the threshold for communication or it doesn’t. No signal is stronger or weaker than another. Depolarization increase in positive charge inside the plasma membrane caused by a depolarizing graded potential causes increasing numbers of voltage- gated…

Individual Health Assessment

Client/Patient Initials: DN| Sex: M| Age: 66 | Occupation of Client/Patient: Retired| Health History/Review of Systems(Complete and systematic review of systems)| Neurological System (headaches, head injuries, dizziness, convulsions, tremors, weakness, numbness, tingling, difficulty speaking, difficulty swallowing, etc., medications):No complaints of headaches, no past head injuries, no complaints of dizziness, no history of convulsion, tremors or weakness. The patient states he has had no numbness, tingling, or unsteady gait. The patient denies dysphagia or dysphasia. | Head and Neck (pain, headaches, head/neck injury, neck pain, lumps/swelling, surgeries on head/neck, medications):The patient denies head pain, head or neck injury or trauma, no nodules or surgeries. The patient denies taking medication for head or neck. | Eyes (eye pain, blurred vision, history of…