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Negotiators Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Journal for Negotiation

Key learning point: To be an ethical negotiator by providing correct information to the client. Why selected: In order to gain a client’s trust, providing truthful information about the product to the client is important. However, when the negotiator perceives that the client has superior expectations of the product, then the negotiator would more likely use ambiguous tactics to win the client. Application to a business or personal situation: Once a representative from a big company came to negotiate for 1, 000 computers, expecting a lower price than other competitors coupled with the expectation for a 10 years warranty on the product. Being in a tough competitive market, it was impossible to provide the client with such low price as…

Anchoring and Adjustment

Negotiator biases are an important part of knowing how to present a negotiation in the most positive light. Negotiators must also be flexible in offering that which the party or parties find acceptable. A bias to be discussed will be that of ‘anchoring’ that part of a negotiation the negotiate is willing to accept. A second bias is that of framing the outcome for the party as enticing as possible. Availability of information will be the final bias discussed. In discussing these biases the goal is to become a negotiator capable of avoiding these through heightened awareness. Anchoring and Adjustment What is it about the product or presentation you are offering that is attractive to the other party that will…