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Negligence Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Introduction to Legal Research

Facts: Samantha Smith, a young and single mother, was shopping in the bath aisle of the local grocery store in Indiana. At approximately 1:30 pm she slipped and fell on a clear shampoo that had leaked out of one of the bottles and onto the floor. The aisle had been inspected, logged as clear of any dangerous hazards at 1:00 pm by an older employee who requires glasses. As a result of the fall, Samantha was transported to the hospital where she was admitted overnight and diagnosed with a broken hip. She will require many months of physical therapy. Samantha has no healthcare insurance coverage to cover any of her expenses and is responsible for a two year old son….

Tort Law

INTRODUCTION TO THE LAW OF NEGLIGENCE • NEGLIGENCE is a fault-based civil liability system as a basis of liability, and considered a broad concept encompassing many types of harm • The tort of negligence is composed of a number of elements, most of which must be proved by the plaintiff (P). These elements are not all self-evident, rather they are conventional concepts that the crts have imposed in an effort to assist them in dealing with various issue the present in negligence litigation • The 3 core elements: (1) the negligent act (2) causation [showing link b/w D’s negligent act and P’s damages] (3) damage [vital part that triggers the claim and launches the litigation process] **keep in mind that…