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Negative effects of Early Relationship Essay

Statement of the Problem
Major Problem:
What are the effects of having early relationship to academic performance?

Minor Problems:
What are the factors that cause early relationship?
Why students are very hooked in having an early relationship? Why is it not good having opposite relationship at your early age?

This study assumed the following:
1.That high school student of St. Thomas More Academy is very much hooked of having early relationship.
2.That having early relationship has negative affects to the high school students of St. Thomas More Academy in their academic performance.
3.That having early relationship has affects in behavior of the high school students of St. Thomas More Academy.

Scope and Delimitation

This study seeks to know the negative effects of having early relationship in academic performance of the high school students of St. Thomas More Academy year 2014-2015.

Significance of the Study
This study hopes to make contributors to the following:


A better understanding on having early relationship would help them but not all the time. They won’t even notice that they’re behavior changed; especially it affects their academic performances because of their behavior.

To let them know that they’re daughter/son is having an early relationship and they might be one of the reason of it, so we are letting them know that they’re not the only one who’s affected but also the studies if their children.

Your students might have problem that’s why their behavior in your class is changing. Give yourself patience and motivate them to change for the better and to use their relationship as a inspiration not as a distraction to them.

Future Researcher
This research might be useful to someone who’s in this kind of situation or who knows the feeling of having early relationship. Try to focus on the title itself, and you’ll get the main point of your problem.

Essay Topics:

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