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Necklace Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Historical and Cultural Stance in The Necklace

Guy de Maupassant’s short story The Necklace is famous in its own way of revealing and illustrating the historical context and situation of women in the 19th century. The author reveals the behavior and restraints of women as they struggle to identify themselves in a male dominated society. This theme can also be observed in the story of The Yellow Wallpaper written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman wherein she uncovers the mental and emotional effects of male dominance and social pressure to women. Gilman’s work is comparable to de Maupassant’s piece as it both discusses the pressures that the society brings to women. In The Necklace, social status becomes the primary instigator of misery in the character of Madame Loisel while…

The Necklace story

Have you ever read a short story and learned a life lesson from it? Well in one story “The Necklace” Madame Loisel looses a diamond necklace and replaces it with a real one, but the one she lost wasn’t real. The other story the “Gift of the Magi”, Della and her husband both don’t make a lot of money, but want to get each other something for Christmas. Both have to get rid of something to be able to afford it. As you can see Madame Loisel and Della are alike and different in many ways. Madame Loisel and Della are similar in many ways. Madame Loisel and Della both are the same because they both want something really bad…