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Navigator Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Bartolomeu Dias Biography

Why on earth would a person sail around the southernmost tip of Africa without modern sailing technology such as GPS? Bartolomeu Dias was such a person to accomplish his great voyage around the Cape of Good Hope. He was born in Portugal around 1450 and was a Portuguese navigator and explorer and was known as the first European who sailed around the southernmost tip of Africa and reached the Cape of Good Hope. Bartolomeu Dias’ achievement had ultimately led to expansion of trade routes and the foundation Portuguese Empire. He came from a Portuguese noble family and his father was a member of a Portuguese court (Alchin). When he grew up, he also became a member of the royal Portuguese…

The NBL-Tools prototype

The NBL-Tools prototype is a groupware system which is basically designed and developed to support collaborative knowledge which can be used over the Internet as in the form of (TCP/IP) along with the usage of any HTML 3. 2 compliant WWW-browser such as Netscape Navigator 3 . NBL-Tools is considered to be truly a new-generation of networked learning programme, which eventually relies solely on recent achievements and accomplishments of cognitive research performed on educational practices and computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL). Over the period of time several models have been designed and development of NBL , It had been of a very great emphasis and with the help of this effect a special change has been performed to develop a meta-cognitive…

What factors facilitated European maritime exploration in the 15th century

1) From your knowledge of history, what factors facilitated European maritime exploration in the 15th century? (what / who gave them the tools they needed) The fifteenth century saw an upsurge in maritime exploration in Europe which was led by the Portuguese. Several factors contributed to this, and I am now going to take an in depth look at these factors Firstly the Portuguese had a seventy year head start over the Spanish due in part to the distraction caused by the Spanish civil war and the Reconquista of Granada. The Moors who were a group of Moslems conquered the Iberian Peninsula in 711. Over the next 750 years there would be numerous battles between the Christian and Muslims to…