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Nature vs. Nurture Essay Essay

There is no denying that both nature and nurture both play a part in a person’s true identity. When it comes to genes and environment, one of the two has a greater influence on a person. One’s nurture has the most influence on who a person is and will become. One’s nature only gives them an identification of what they look like by genetics. Both nature and nurture is a part of who we are, but genetics doesn’t show who we really are as a human being. The first reason environment has a greater influence is because education is a result to how someone thinks. The second reason environment has a greater influence on a person is because people around them reflect them as a person.

The third reason why environment has a greater influence is because the location of someone affects their views. Secondly, nurture overrules nature because intelligence is learned. No one has a dumb brain, just like no one has a genius brain. All humans have the same functioning brain, however not all brains receive the same information. The education a person is given affects the way they think and the level of intelligence they possess. Someone who goes to a scholarly private school is going to have a higher intellect level than someone who goes to a less fortunate public school. A person’s education affects their intelligence, beliefs, behaviors, and how they carry themselves as a whole.

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