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Natural science Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Entrance Test: Faculty of Health Sciences

Date and venue of the test centres have been indicated on the Admit Card. Applicants should indicate one centre of their choice in the space provided in the Application Form. In case the Admit Card does not reach you on time, you are advised to take the Test at a convenient Centre bringing a photocopy of the application form and photo ID with you for identification. The University has not authorized any publications or any preparatory classes for this Test. Structure of the Test The total duration of the admission test would be 2 hours and 30 minutes All questions carry equal marks, there is no negative marking. The test paper is divided into various sections comprising multiple choice questions….

General Education

AUB is committed to offering its students a broad undergraduate liberal arts education that enables them to acquire the analytical skills and habits of life-long learning that they will need to compete successfully in the twenty-first century. The General Education distribution requirements are intended to expose students to a range of intellectual experiences during their time at AUB. We want to give our students the opportunity to make choices and to question and test what they believe are their career goals and their intellectual interests. In addition to courses in their academic majors and the opportunity to take minor concentrations in specific fields, all AUB students must take a minimum of 33-36 credits of general education requirements distributed in the…

Humanities and Academic Disciplines

Do you know what your human condition is? If this is a question that you have ever asked yourself then you might have heard of humanities. “Humanities are academic disciplines that study the human conditions, using methods that are primarily analytical, critical, or speculative, as distinguished from the mainly empirical approaches of the natural science. ” Wikipedia. (n. d. ). Looking further into humanities we are able to better understand ancient and modern languages, literature, law and history, just to name a few, a whole lot better. Distinguishing the difference between humanities vs. other modes of human inquiry and expression are simply put that humanities are the study of the humans action and reaction to different areas mentioned above, were…