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Nations Essay Topics & Paper Examples

American foreign policy

Foreign policy refers to the strategies that governments employ to guide their actions towards other countries. The U. S. foreign policy is founded on the principles of democracy and tenets liberalization (Goldstein, 2003). The U. S. foreign policy takes into account issues of human rights, economic growth and development, terrorism and environmental degradation and addresses them as challenges that can best be addressed through democracy in countries and institutions throughout the world (Goldstein, 2003). The U. S. foreign policy has undergone significant transitions that match different historical periods in the world that include the World War I, the World War II, the Cold War, the post Cold War period and the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The United Nations and…

Why Were The `Jeffersonians` A Danger To The Young Nations Security?

The XYZ affair was the downfall of the Republicans. In 1798, the American government sent a delegate of three to the French government to initiate talks and negotiate so that the French would stop harassing American ships. The three were asked for a bribe of 50,000 pounds by a trio of officials in the then French minister’s office, Talleyrand. Highly scandalized, the three Americans refused to give the bribe. Since the names of the three French men were never revealed it become known as the “XYZ Affair”. In his book, “Crisis in Freedom: The Alien and Sedition Act”, John. C. Miller clearly outlines the pros and cons that characterized the approach and reaction of both the Federalists and Republicans to…

The League of Nations Had Its Greatest Successes in the Work of the Special Commission

The League of Nations was set up after the treaty of Versailles to deal with issues in the world. This is where the first obstacle comes because the League of Nations only actually had 44 nations involved and the biggest country in the world- the USA- was not one of these nations, making the League of Nations look weak from the onset. Without America it was going to be hard to make a real impact, but the league tried to make a good impact on the world by creating special commissions to combat world problems. The main achievements the league wanted to gain were World Disarmament, to improve living and working conditions, To enforce the treaty of Versailles and to…