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National Development Essay

We are here to debate on our country and its developments.The citizens of India have the basic responsibility to think and do his best for the development of the country. In one sentence , te secret of development of india can be achieved on set up of Industries and thereby generation of Employment and value addition of Produce goods and for this infra stature of Good Roads and transportation mode has to be good enough . We need good governence in turn for the development of the nation.

For a good Goverence , we need Good Government and a set of good Politicians form a good Government . As the post ” Politicians ” it self gives a sign of freedom to act politically / changing faces ., our politicians are have multi faces to manage money for SELF but NOT for the nation. We need good Governors and not Politicians . they shall be treated as Public Servents but not Social servents . A good pay for a lavish life style has to be given first , so that they earn and live at the highest level of life style , as the ae the Managers / Governors / care takers for a given area. To select these so said Governors ,there shall be a scale to measure the crediantial and mere being a Citizen of the nation. Even a Peon , whose work is to keep the office clean and place the work desk in order need basic educition , and why not a leader/ governor doesnt need !! If not education , he should have done good enough for the nation and ” Not on Mere records “.

So we have to concerntate on selection of these Leaders/ Governors.

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