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Narratives Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Of Readers and Racial Narratives

Morrison explores the themes of fate and free will in a number of ways in the short story “Recitatif. ” Regarding free will and the constant confusion over Maggie’s racial identity, Morrison is making the provocative point that a truly color blind society would still have acts of cruelty and their agents, who will never be able to really understand their own motivations. Through the picketing scene, she also explores another dark aspect of free will: that mistaken assumptions about racism and racist actions can, effectively, poor more fuel over the fire. The confusion over Maggie’s race also extends to the main characters, and the difficulty in discerning any definite racial identity on their part is Morrison’s clever way of…

Five Characters in a Comic Scene

Analyzing works of arts does not depend solely on the formalistic approach—the style, the aesthetics, or the form. Most of the time, to give a better analysis, one resorts to the use of context and culture. Here, the work is seen through the eyes of the culture from which the work emerged. Thus, in visual art, the use of cultural narratives is considered as important as the formalist way of critiquing any visual material. “The Judgement of Paris” by Marcantonio Raimondi and the “Five Characters in a Comic Scene” by Leonardo da Vinci would be now subjected under analysis through the use of cultural narratives. These cultural narratives are the stories in each culture that suggest possible interpretations for paintings….

Battle with the Inner Demons in Ancient Epic Narratives:

Tales of heroic deeds of ancient lore usually speak of legendary feats of strength and arms. The old epic narrative contains stories of heroes defeating beasts and men alike through sheer brute force in no less than fantastic circumstances. The heroic narrative likewise extols the virtue of raw power and courage to take on impossible challenges in order to eventually prevail thereafter. Heroes earn grave respect and admiration of their peers for each adventure won against all odds—that only their brawns have helped saved the day. Thus, songs are sung in their honour to commemorate their feats. Perhaps this is to inspire the people to be always brave in the face danger and meet death with honor and headstrong determination….