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Name Essay Topics & Paper Examples

“What’s in a name?”

“What’s in a name? ” This age-old adage has been thrown around a lot throughout the centuries, and yet it remained to be just the rhetorical query that it is. However, in the realm of the growing trend of digging up family trees through genealogical tracing, it would seem that this interrogative statement has come to prove to have a more profound significance than most would ever care to consider. In dealing with the question of the significance of names, it is most basic to recognize its function in a societal context. The most practical function of it in any given community is that of identification. The name attached to the subject, be it a person, animal or thing, allows…

High School and Personality Traits

Directions: Read the following questions and write the answers on a separate sheet of paper. Include the question as part of your response. Use COMPLETE sentences—do not use fragments or incomplete thoughts. Use DETAIL in your responses. “None, nothing, I don’t know, etc.” are inadequate responses. Your goal is to give me as much information about yourself as possible! 1. Who was your English teacher last year? Describe both your successes and difficulties in the class. 2. What is your full name? Are you named after someone in your family? 3. When and where were you born? How old are you now? 4. Describe three members of your immediate family—be specific by detailing names, ages, physical characteristics, and personality traits….

Democratic ticket

Alvin Greene’s win was as a result of good, hard work. The models of voting used favored him. Research on models of voting shows that a candidate should be smart and sharp during campaigns. Models used by voters influence voting choice. Some of these models include Ballot Position Effect also known as Name Order Effect, Mere Exposure Effect, Name Letter Effect and No Information Voting. Use of research papers such as, Who is Alvin Greene by Mark, Greene on the Issues by Buster Brown, among others listed on the reference list shows the different types of models of voting. Questions asking advantages of using one or more or more models, limitation of each model, strengths and weaknesses of one model…

Gogol’s Namesake

Immigrants moving to the United States are faced with the pressing question of whether or not to assimilate into American culture. Many of those involved in diasporic situations feel that adapting to the social norms of their new surroundings is an act of betraying their roots in which their heritage and all preexisting traditions will be lost. Jhumpa Lahiri’s novel The Namesake highlights this struggle through the eyes of the Ganguli family. The novel ultimately shows us that one can simultaneously belong to two cultures, in this case Indian and American culture. Many scholars are hung up on the fact that protagonist Gogol must belong to one culture or the other. Heinze’s “Diasporic Overcoat?” suggests that Gogol puts on an…