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N.W.A Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Rapp Is Poetry

Over the past several years, hip-hop’s/music standing has been tumbling. Criticizers of the genre often arguably point at the extreme cursing, degradation of women, and adoration of the “gangsta” lifestyle as major flaw in rap songwriting. However, it is important that these characteristics only describe a small section of hip-hop. Most rap songs are actually very poetic, as they feature the rhythms and verses, poetic devices, and themes that are crucial elements of traditional poetry. Many rappers use the rhythms and rhyme schemes that are characteristic of poetry in their songwriting. Today‚Äôs generation expresses of love, death, self-expression, personal, political, and social issues, poverty and riches, and life involvements. They entwine these thoughts artistically and creatively within strong rhythms and…