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Myth is used more in short stories that have been passed Essay

In this paper I have answered the questions in short answers. I go over what a myth is and how they have been passed on through different generations. How different cultures believe in different thing but in a way they kind of believe in the same thing just a different way. I also go over what the difference is that is between belief, knowledge, mythology and religion. Myth is used more in short stories that have been passed on through different generations, half the time the stories are not even true or not completely true.

However when the story is being told it is made out to be true and people go on to believe the story really did happen. A myth can also be a story that someone is telling you that do not seem to be true but in the end it is true. My definition of a myth is a story that has been passed on through different generations that may or may not have happen and no one will ever know the truth behind the stories. In the world there are many different cultures, and no every culture has the same beliefs.

Each culture believes in different Gods, but they all seem to believe that there is a God. For an example many people believe to this day that God has created us humans while others seem to believe that humans were created over time by evolution, turning from animals into humans. The relationship that is between belief, knowledge, mythology, and religion is they all have the foundations of both beliefs and knowledge. People tend to use belief, knowledge, mythology, and religion to know the differences between good and evil and right from wrong. “Mythology diverges from religion when a myth deviates from its immediate significance and is changed from the sacred importance into a legend or folktale” (Religion and mythology, 2011).

Landry, P. (2011). Charles Darwin. Retrieved from Leonard, S., & McClure, M. (2004). Myth and knowing: An introduction to world mythology. (3rd ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill. Mythology in contemporary culture. (2011). Retrieved from The white hat guide to myths and legends in Australia, (2010), retrieved from

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