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Mystical Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Mystical and Numinous Religious Experience

Numinous experience is a mysterious fear that fascinates the human imagination. Most people believe in the existence of a supernatural being that excels in power. Some of the historic people who had such experience though varied include Job, Muhammad, Paul as well as Buddha. In their own ways they all had different experience that enabled them to understand their limitation and that they depended on some external force. This came about as they carried out their personal devotion to God. In this case they showed their total humility to God in worship and admiration putting in mind that they couldn’t make it on their own without the intervention of a higher force. Thus they sacrificed their live to a higher…

Catholic Church and Ultima’s mystical folklore

The novel “Bless Me, Ultima” by Rudolfo Anaya is pastoral, apocalyptic and, at the same time, tragic story revealing the complex nature of human relations and ambiguity of the world. The novel teaches readers not to interfere with the destiny of any person not to change the cosmic order. However, Ultima dares to influence the destiny and her death at the end of the novel is symbolical representation that every person should be responsible for his own actions. The author describes relations between an old healer Ultima and a young boy Antonio who is seeking for truth. The novel can be defined as apocalyptic as the author illustrates that biculturalism leads to inevitable conflict between cultures and religions. I think…