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Mystery of Under Water Crop Circles Essay

Current Events Paper Synopsis: Under Water “Crop Circles” Thesis: Although 95% of the ocean hasn’t been explored, researcher and photographer Yoji Ookata just recently named his new find the “mystery circle”, an intricate design of an underwater crop circle created by a tiny puffer fish, a find that uncovers yet another mystery of the ocean.


Yoji Ookata has been diving and documenting the ocean well over 50 years, just off the southern coast of Japan, Ookata observed what looked like a circular rippling pattern. 80 feet below sea level and 6 feet wide is a work of art Ookata never thought he would see, created by a puffer fish. The specific ridges are designed to attract female puffer fish, they lay eggs in the center so that they are shielded from ocean currents, the more ridges the more likely it will attract females. The little puffer works tirelessly to complete his design with just one fin. When Ookata discovered this circle he went out with a camera crew determined to find its creator, taken aback when this puffer fish made his appearance Ookata knew he had just unlocked another beautiful mystery hidden within the ocean.


Knowles, Melissa. “Mystery Behind Deep-Sea Crop Circles Off the Coast of Japan Solved.” September 19, 2012. Christopher. “Mysterious Underwater ‘Crop Circles’ Discovered Off the Coast of Japan” September 19, 2012.

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