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My Strengths and Weaknesses in English Essay

My Strengths and Weaknesses in English All people have their own strengths and weaknesses in English. I’m good at reading, but I do not have enough confidence in my speaking ability, although I try hard to practice now. In fact, I learned English when I was nine years old. At the very beginning, English was just like a new world for me, since Chinese literature is really different, so I learned grammar and vocabulary carefully, earnestly. Now, it’s joyful for me to study at San Marino High school, and I desire to get a good score in English. In the past, I usually did reading practice when I lived in Shanghai. For instance, I read one English book with my classmates per month, then my teacher would give us a quiz which about that book’s details, and the quiz could prove whether we understand those stories completely. This example explains why I think I do well in reading.

Beyond that point, I lacked practice in speaking. Despite the fact that I can read English articles fluently, I am afraid of talking with other foreign people, since my sentences all have grammar mistakes, and these will make other people feel strange and hard to understand, so I seldom communicate with other people, and that’s why my speaking can not improve. For the reason, I have decided to solve my problems with speaking. For example, I answer my teacher’s questions energetically, and even though my answer is wrong sometimes, I still try to make a statement. Gradually, I find my speaking ability is better than before, and this makes me want to endeavor continually. To cut a long story short, I know my reading is greater than my speaking, and determined not only to maintain my strengths, but also to improve my shortcomings.

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