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My Personal Philosophy Essay

Every human is bestowed upon themselves the right to live how so ever they choose to live. As humans in a society, we live to better ourselves and our future generations. Everyone has a goal that they want to live up to. Achieving this goal is considered success. I believe though that success isn’t achieving goals, instead, success is living with an active soul. Emerson, in his speech to Phi Beta Kappa says -“The one thing, in the world, of value is an active soul. ” Emerson infers that success doesn’t come from reading books, but from becoming active. The imaginative genius, Albert Einstein, says in his famous quote that he isn’t a genius.

Rather he is a human with an active curiosity. Curiosity is a gift of the soul. Curiosity is the soul saying that it wants to learn how to express itself even more. 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Barack Obama, tells the world that it isn’t he who has won the prize. He says that all Americans out in the world, who better their society by being actively involved, are the true winners of the prize. A common attribute that all these peoples include contributing to their own success is activeness, activeness through their soul. All these people are people who not only changed their society, but changed the world.

There are many more who are of as equal value in their contributions to individuals of the planet. All these people are people who do not simply live life with a pattern. They are not people who no longer care as to pay the slightest attention to their heart’s desire. These people are people who live life actively. Actively through their soul and hence they are success. Not only a success to themselves, but to the society around them. Their success is praised, but the honor should go to their souls which took on the challenge of remaining dormant or becoming active.

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