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My Neighborhood at Night Essay

As quiet as a college library with street lights as bright as the sun itself, my neighbourhood is one of pure bliss. Whether you go to bed at eight or at eleven, you’ll get to rest peacefully. The beach front is just around the bend at Tianna’s crescent and out the corner so it always feels like Hawaiian breeze sweeping through my windows. The sound of car’s passing through the corner is as rare as a cat and dog playing together. Frogs sitting on my windowsill as if there is a party, the sounds of those slimy green creatures reached me as the faintest of whispers as I slowly rest my eyes in hopes of a dream.

Some nights you can smell the aroma of my neighbour’s kitchen from spaghetti and meatballs, to homemade pizza to chicken parmesan that makes your nose curve up in a smile. I can only imagine they do the same, when it’s coming from my kitchen. The sweet, succulent scent keeps you awake at times. It’s like being in the food-court of a mall.

Remember the songs that use to make you rock away? Well if you didn’t, my neighbourhood would be sure to remind you on holiday nights. My neighbourhood has a party house, as white as sand with ruby red trim, they always seem to find a way to wake up the neighbourhood on special nights. Crime in my neighbourhood is as low as a shrub in a field full of trees. Not saying we can leave our doors open at night but none the less it is a very safe community.

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