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My missing key Essay

In the early year 2000, I discovered the amazing internet, it attracted me so much that I changed my mind regarding the path of my studies, consequently I wanted to study Business and informatics.

Spending couple of years self-learning about computer hardware and software. Hardly using the internet and consulting few IT technician, I found out that I had missed a pretty important part of ICT since I came across this module.

As a computer enthusiast and technician to become, I believe this module is the primary key that I needed all these years even though I first thought that I did not need it and it was going to be easy to pass the module, but it wasn’t quietly what I expected by means of time consuming work, fundamental skills in word processing and data processing in Excel. I have gathered knowledge about ICTs for development in a manner that I never thought of. With students in my group I had this first experience of sharing and debating on common and uncommon ideas which of many changed my point of views about the steps to take in many areas of life involving ICT.

This module had first impacted my studies with overwhelming time consecration by submitting assignments almost every week. Therefore in the beginning I tackled all practical grader works after the first one in about two weeks around mid-August. Then I was left with the remaining discussions until I came across the unexpected “learning more about excel” assignment that I found very deviating from Engineering, but with the least of choice I had to stick to the schedule so I learnt and did the best I could. This is just to portray the last and only difficulty I encountered through my journey in this module.

I truly believe this module is very important for my career however I feel that I should not limit to it as if I learnt everything on Ethical Information and Communication Technologies for Development Solutions though at the beginning I believed that I will get all the answers about ICT and development. Nevertheless the learning and working through the module gave me the basics on that matter and widely opened my mind in the way of showing me exactly how to carry on what I learnt. There are few things that I found though that would have been very useful if they were added to this module such as; the basics of computer skills for example. Beside the ethical to find solution, I felt the need of knowing how to; switch on and to turn off a computer, safely save my work on an external storage or how to handle the computer itself against viruses.

To conclude, I have the confidence that the module enhanced my knowledge about development solutions and improved my skills in word processing and spreadsheet and has gave me a shot in the arm with all the tools that was missing in my career which strongly make me feel of bringing a hand to my community.

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