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My Favorite Place To Think Essay

Sometimes I get bothered by a bunch of things like school, work or my family judging me for every little things. So, when I need to think a little or to get some quiet time for myself, I go for a walk on the beach because it’s the best place I would go to, to think and to clear my head. It’s the way the waves goes up and down and the fresh salty water gets on your feet like it’s giving me a massage. It’s also a great place to run from your problems. I like the beach when the light covers the water it makes it look so nice. It makes me forget about all my problems and all the nagging of work or school. When my mom is yelling at me for no reason, I just walk out the house and go for a walk by the beach, where the salty water goes on your feet on the sand. It helps me to calm down with the seagull chirping while the sun is going down.

I sometimes think “ why can’t I just live by the beach”, then, I’d have peace and quiet, but I realized I would not be able to live near the beach because, in the summer time they might have a beach party and I wouldn’t hear myself think or have my peace and quiet. So I rather let this be my secret place to chill and relax my mind. I like it that way and I wouldn’t have it any other way. So in conclusion the beach is my favorite place to be. I don’t only find it my favorite place because of the smell or the waves floating on your feet, but because it is a great place for me to get some quiet time to think and to get away from my problems. I f I would recommend someone a great place to be, it would be the beach. It is the best place to be at all-time except when they having aa beach party or some sort.

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