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My Experience in Contact Center Essay

Throughout my working experience, I have been a part of the contact centre family for 13 years to date. Today when I look back at how I spent those years and what kind of an individual I have turned out to be, I am glad that I made the right choice because this process has the capability to bring the best out of anyone, anywhere. Imagine getting the opportunity to provide a top draw service on behalf of an organization only by assisting the customer over the phone.

Just with a few amendments and clicks, the customers issue is resolved there is self-satisfaction recognition gained from a CSE’s point of view. Besides that, being able to work together with a bunch of supportive colleagues even in unpleasant times, when there is a tense situation for instance and a customer’s call goes to the extent of escalation, I was able to control myself and work with my senior executive to get this issue resolved once and for all.

From this experience that I have had, in the past and until today I do not feel abandoned, because I am willing to ask and my fellow colleagues are willing to share their ideas and opinions with me on how to confront the obstacle and make it a learning curve in my career. It is this special family like bond that I have been a part off for so many years now, and I couldn’t wish for any other challenge which constantly educates and provides me with a new direction of approach apart from being here, where I am happy, and best of all, I am home.

The Malaysian contact center industry continues to grow despite competitive pressures from other markets like India and the Philippines, even though Contact Center Industry in Malaysia is relatively young but the growth has seen to be very positive. The main reason I believe is because Malaysia has multi language skills ethnics group and this is unique in the region, therefore we offer a good communication infrastructure that is a critical requirement for any good contact center service location. In this industry apart from taking calls, we can utilize as knowledge seeking & career enhancement environment.

Providing more humane technical is support with diverse services & products. I feel proud that I am able to do my bit to help more Malaysians aware about broadband which is in line with the government’s National Broadband Initiative (NBI). And the main reason why I choose my career in Contact Center is because I enjoy challenging job that makes me think. I enjoy working with people and this is a job that will help me do that, at the same time my job in the contact center involves helping people meet their full potential.

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