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My Autobiography Essay

I was born on a warm, sunny day in March 31, 1999 at Brgy. Sagpatan, Dingras, Ilocos Norte. I still live in Brgy. Sagpatan, Dingras, Ilocos Norte, and I go to school at Lt. Edgar Foz Memorial National High School/Dingras National High School (San Marcos Campus) as a graduating student. I live with my father, Francisco J. Serrano which is working at Hyosung Corporation as a Foreman; my mother, Eduardina G. Serrano, a former OFW at Hong Kong; my 2 brothers, Francis Dan G. Serrano which is studying at Marcos Agro-Industrial School with his course Automotive Servicing NCII and Frederick G. Serrano my younger brother which is studying at Sagpatan Elementary School as a Grade V pupil; my sister Franz Diane, the youngest of us, which is studying at Sagpatan Elementary School as a Grade III pupil; and grandmother Alejandra Serrano. I graduated primary level at Sagpatan Elementary School as a salutatorian and now I am in secondary level and I want to graduate with honor. If I graduate secondary I want to continue my study at Mariano Marcos State University (College of Education) with the course BS in Secondary Education Major in Trigonometry and Minor in Geometry.

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