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My Achievements and Inspirations Essay

Education does not stop after graduating in college. It actually starts once a person realizes that it should be innate until the last years of his or her life as it would ultimately become one of the treasures that we can keep in old age. I was born on July 19, 1983 in Lahore, Pakistan. However, when I was still very young, my parents Nisar Ahmad and Rubina Nisar decided to move to Bahrain, the country where I was raised. They sent me to a reputable school where I completed my high school. They have always been supportive when it comes to the quality of my education.

Indeed, I was very young, but I believe this was where my dreams were born. In high school, I became very interested in biology and chemistry. I found out that there is much more to discover in a living organism than just its physical nature. This realization left me an overflowing surge of curiosity. My chemistry teacher, Mrs. Prasana, was the one responsible for this passion that I have right now. She provided me everything she could with regard to chemistry and biology-related information.

Gradually, she became my inspiration in pursuing this complex but wondrous fields of science. After high school, I moved back to my hometown in Pakistan where I earned my bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry in one of the most renowned universities of this field. It was absolutely a new phase of my life because I get to further my education in something that I have always dreamt of learning. Studying life sciences was my dream, which is why during my undergraduate program; I have undergone internship in a hospital near my home. It was a life-changing experience for me.

I would feel most alive when I worked in the laboratory under the supervision of my supervisor. I am confident with myself every time I do laboratory works, and I know that I have significant skills in handling lab works with high efficiency which I believe should be necessary for a healthcare worker. I have lived in three different countries; Bahrain, Pakistan, and in the United States. As an effective clinical scientist, it is a must that one practices flexibility at all cost as it can be a necessary trait in producing quality outputs.

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