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Mutation Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Moral Mutation and the apocalyptic future

The two texts, the film and the book, were set in a post-Hiroshima world where arsenals were being further improved to generate a more efficient way to participate in warfare and be the leader in these developments. By lumping two stories together in an analysis, it is inevitable for traits to be observed in the chosen texts. Dewey in his analysis of Cat’s Cradle described Dr. Hoenikker as a “man-child curiously unfamiliar with concepts such as sin and God” (57). He then identified in the doctor a “moral mutation who believes with Faustian pride that humanity can manipulate, dominate, even annihilate nature” (57). When the Russians and the Americans in Dr. Strangelove developed their own military hardware in order to…

Translation of the DNA code

1 Describe how the DNA code is translated into messenger RNA. DNA is translated into messenger RNA through transcription and translation. DNA is split through transcription and then it is translated to match into RNA. 2 How is the RNA molecule a “script” for the protein production process? RNA is a script for the protein production process because they set the RNA up to translate into a protein. 3 What is the function of hemoglobin in the body? Hemoglobin functions in the body by giving oxygen to the blood. Conclusion 3.2.2 4 Describe (in words) the effect of the mutation. If only one base is affected, it is called a point mutation. This results from substitution. When segments are added…

Postdoc recommendation letter

I am writing in support of Janet Lerner’s application for an NSF Fellowship. Janet is genuinely a gifted student with great potential as a research scientist. I encourage you to give her your most careful consideration. Janet has been conducting an independent honor’s research project in my laboratory for the past year. Without a doubt, Janet is one of those rare individuals that comes along only once every few years; she is highly intelligent (her transcript is blemished by a single “B”), inquisitive, motivated, and creative. Janet has just the right combination of assertiveness and respect to make her a joy to work with in the lab. She takes directions very well, but she is not timid about questioning experimental…