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Music Appreciation Essay

1)Describe some of the influence of Latin music in the US in the early part of the twentieth century. a)El Manicero became popular, then came the Rumba dance craze. 2)What was the significance of “Machito and His Afro-Cubans”? a)Machito and His Afro Cubans mixed big band with cuban music. It was the first time that people had seen acknowledgement of being African derived. 3)How did Dizzy Gillespie incorporate Latin music into his music? a)Dizzy Gillespie mixed Latin music into his by collaborating his jazz with Chano Pozo’s drumming. 4)What was the Palladium?

a)The Palladium Ballroom was a second-floor dancehall on 53rd Street[->0] and Broadway[->1] in New York City which became famous for its excellent Latin music[->2]. Also known as ‘the home of the Mambo’ 5)How did the television and films increase the exposure of the US to Latin music? a)People didn’t have to be in a certain place to hear the music, it could be heard all over the country. Therefore more people were exposed to it.

6)How did Latin music influence rock music?

a)When Santana played at Woodstock, many rock fans saw. They became popular internationally. 7)Why do you think Latin music had such a great influence on the development of popular music? a)Because people liked it so much that other genres took certain styles from it hoping it would work for their music too. 8)Do you think that any of the music that you listen to has Latin influences? Why or why not? a)Depends on the song. Some have instrumentals that may derive from Latin roots.

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