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Multiple sclerosis Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis [MS] is a chronic, autoimmune, inflammatory, neurodegenerative condition of the central nervous system [CNS] (Boppanna, Huang, Ito & Dhib-Jalbut, 2011) characterized by demyelination and axonal loss (Chastain, Duncan, Rodgers & Miller, 2011). MS expresses itself in 4 forms: relapsing remitting MS [RRMS], secondary progressive MS [SPMS], primary progressive MS [PPMS], and progressive relapsing MS [PRMS] (Boppanna, Huang, Ito & Dhib-Jalbut, 2011). MS affects 0. per cent of the world’s population (Chastain, Duncan, Rodgers & Miller, 2011), occurring 2- and 2. 5-fold more frequently in women than in men, having an incidence range of post-pubertal teenagers to adults in their 50’s (Calabresi, 2011). The exact cause of MS is unknown (Boppanna, Huang, Ito & Dhib-Jalbut, 2011; Chastain, Duncan, Rodgers…