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Muet speaking tips Essay

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to my examiners and friends . To state situation task given
According to the situation given…
To introduce the a point of view
In my opinion / I believe that
First point
Elaborate – ( Introduce ) ; For a start , I would like to suggest ( signal to main point ) ; My main point is … / The most important factor/reason is …
( Ilustrate a point ) ; Therefore…/ This means that …/ According to…
( Example ) ; For example / ……such as……
Second point / Third point
Elaborate- ( start a new point ) ; My next point is…/ Another suggestion is….
( refer to what you’ve said ) ; As I said at the beginning…
( signal cause and effect ) ; As a result…/ Due to
( signal to move on to a possible solution ) ; Let’s look at some of the possible ways…
( signal for drawing a conclusion ) So , we can say that…./ Thus… To conclude : As a conclusion , I suggest that…/ In a nutshell

Task B
To start a discussion
Assalamualaikum and good morning once again to everyone . We are here to focus on the issue at hand which is… To ask for an opinion
May I know your opinion regarding …. ? / What do you think we can do to ….? / Do you agree that… ? To give an opinion
I would say that…/ Personally , I feel …./ I think
To express strong agreement
I strongly agree…. / I share the same view …
To express partial agreement
Your suggestion is good but…./ I do not certainly agree with you…. To express strong disagreement
That can’t be true at all / I understand what you’re saying but I don’t think the correct solution… To signal a contrasting idea
On the other hand
To reject ideas/opinions
I understand your concern but …
To interrupt
Allow me to interrupt….
To conclude
Let’s sum up what we has been mentioned so far. So we all agree that…………………… is the most important factor that can affect …….. Does anyone have anything else to say ? . Otherwise , let’s bring this discussion to a close . Thank you for your contribution to this discussion .

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