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Movie theater Essay Topics & Paper Examples

History of Movie Theaters in Louisiana and the Surrounding Area

When we think of the history of the traditional, American movie going, a number of images come to mind: the mighty organ accompanying a movie palace’s silent-era feature, the Iconic searchlights proclaiming a Golden Age Hollywood premiere, teenagers cruising at the local drive in, an audience of otherwise sensibly attired adults wearing cardboard, and young adults carrying five dollar bills to the Cineplex at the end of the mall in order to see the latest sequel. But while these iconic, even stereotypical, images suggest something of the truth behind the American movie theater’s history, they also omit much of the social reality that has co-existed along with these instances of the mainstream filmgoing experience. While Hollywood features and first-run urban…

Movie Industry

1)What competitive forces have challenged the movie industry? The movie industry is challenged by increased levels of high-speed Internet access, improved PCs with DVD readers and writers, easy-to-carry video devices, and leading-edge file-sharing services. These forces make the video download easier and faster than ever before. 2)What problems have these forces created? Meanwhile, benefits are not the only things came with these competitive forces, problems came as well. The movie industry has a recession. They cannot make revenue as much as before by releasing movies, people more like to download a free movie or even it is illegal rather than buy tickets or buy a DVD home. At the same time, these free download things also involve copyright infringement. Most…