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Movie Response: Zora Neale Hurston Essay

The movie entitled ‘Zora Neale Hurston’ refers to the life of a female African American writer who struggled towards finding her worth in American society during the time that segregation and racism continues to be practiced in U. S. culture. Specifically, this movie presents her biography from how she struggled to belong as a woman and how she sought to achieve her passion of writing and anthropology. In particular, the film showcased her life as a student, an anthropologists and a writer for several different newspapers.

It is through this that viewers are presented by a character that continues to grow and develop through the years until her death in 1960. Analyzing the film, it can be seen that it presents readers on how Zora Neale Hurston evolved and adapted to American society. Her period was particularly critical because racism and bias against women continue to be practiced within American society during her time. It was also during this period that the issue of race became an important consideration especially among minority groups.

Regardless of these realities, Zora Hurston continued to fight over these common boundaries and seek to fulfill her dream of becoming educated and understanding African American culture further. Similarly, the movie also has shown how Zora Neale Hurston sought to provide her readers about African American culture. As much as possible, her literary compositions stayed away from political issues and the clash between the Whites and Negroes. Rather, she sought to provide a better understanding of the rich culture and practices that African American has.

This viewpoint remains crucial for she believed that this can serve as a bridge in making Whites understand the complexity of the African American culture. In the end, the film does not only cultivate the value of Zora Neal Hurston’s contribution to African American literature. Rather, she also provides empowerment among women and sought to create opportunities for change in a different perspective. Here, she provides a purpose of co-existence and influencing patterns of increased interaction. It is through this that she sought to identify herself in history and provide her legacy in the field of literature and anthropology.

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