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Mother To Son Essay

The author, Langston Husthes, vividly showed how the African-Americans struggled and managed to live. The efforts they made to change and how much they changed their appearances were very evident in the three poems, “I am too”, “Mother to Son”, and “Negro”. The writer started the poem using a conversational tone, which easily showed its viewers that he was talking to somebody. In his poem, “Mother To Son”, the author told the story of how the African-Americans struggled to survive the harsh realities of living in a society dominated by the white people. The text included: “Life for me aint been no crystal stair. Its had tacks in it,

And splinters, And boards torn up, And places with no carpet on the floor — Bare. ” This specific part of the poem showed how much the African-Americans suffered from living in a society dominated by white people. The author used a lot of metaphors in the poem to illustrate his points. The “crystal stair” mentioned in the poem, contained several meanings. The crystal may be considered to be attractive, but very fragile. The use of the crystal in the poem was somehow successful in connecting a creative story with that of reality-that the crystal stair may be used as a symbol for the way of living white people had.

The poem was also told from a mother’s point of view. From the text, it can be perceived that the mother was a slave at the white house, serving white people. The reader is given contrasting images of how the African-Americans suffered, while the white and rich Americans ruled over society. Throughout the entire poem, the mother tried to show the readers the uneven treatment given to both races. Words, such as “and” were repeatedly used to emphasize the hardships endured during that time. The line, “And places with no carpet on the floor –Bare,” was also used to demonstrate how the white people unfairly treated the black people.

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