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Most Study Abroad Program Should Be Rename Party Abroad They Are Waste of Time Essay

Every year, a large number of students go overseas to study. The most popular destination for these students are Australia, Japan, United State, Egypt, and Iraq, but wherever they go, they have to learn to adapt with the culture and the lifestyle of the country they choose which are very different from their own. Many people believe “ there is no better way to learn about other countries and cultures than by living on those countries”.

To live in the overseas, the students must pay such kinds of fee as cost of living, cost of boarding, and also cost of schooling itself. Firstly, the cost of living, of course the charge in a strange country much more expensive than in their own country. Likely four times as many as the charge of living in the big city in Indonesia. Secondly, the coast of boarding, included the flat, the electricity, water, cleaning and security services, etc. those extremely expensive too. The last, the outlay of schooling, the price isn’t inferior expensive with the two things above. However, those kinds of expense are not worsen if the student win a scholarship.

Scholarship students do not need to pay such kinds of financial, they get so many free costs, for instances: get accommodation and get travel expense, given adoptive parents. Thus, they haven’t to rent a room, acquire living allowance, obtain health insurance and the most important is they get free tuition, etc.

In conclusion, study abroad expend so much money and misuse the time, nevertheless the scholarship students, they study overseas without charge or at no cost at all.

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