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Morphine Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Evil of Drug Addiction

Our ancestors have spoken of five cardinal sins which must be avoided by all means though they may appear to bring profit or pleasure for the time being. The five cardinal sins are gambling, stealing, murder, unchastity, and drugs. The history of humanity is replete with examples where people have been ruined by following the path of one or another of them. Whole nations were brought to disgrace because of opium. Why then does a man take to drugs? Some think it adds to pleasure; some other think that it takes away physical weariness. Also they have a doping effect such that at the spur of the moment, the person may act more vigorously but only to find himself weaker…

Recovery Group Field Trip and Paper

I attended a local Narcotics Anonymous meeting held at the Salvation Army building in my hometown. Upon entering the meeting room, the few people that were in the room did say hello to me, however, no one asked me why I was there. I was left alone to choose my seat wondering what was next. Eventually, a middle-aged man entered the room. I soon learned that he was running the meeting. He asked if it was my first time there. I told him that it was and before I could explain my presence I was handed several brochures and asked to read a laminated sheet when called upon. He quickly moved on with his meeting set-up duties. So, being a…

Ob Nursing Drug Cards

Generic Name: meperidineBrand Name(s): Demerol| Pregnancy Category: C| Route of Administration: IM, SUBCUT| Drug Category: opioids analgesic| Indication: labor analgesia| Normal Dosage:Labor analgesia Adult: 50-100 mg given when contractions regularly spaced repeat q1-3h prn| Side Effects:CNS: drowsiness, dizziness, confusion, HA, sedation, euphoria, increased intracranial pressure, seizures, respiratory depression, anaphylaxis| Nursing Considerations/Teachings/Interventions: Nursing Consideration: pt should remain recumbent for 1hr after IM/SUBCUT route, inject into large muscle mass May cause fatal reaction: MAOI’s, carbazine Tx for Overdose: Naloxone (Narcan) 0.2-0.8 mg IV, O2, IV fluids vasopressors Assess- •Pain: location, type, character. Give before pain is extreme and reassess 60 mins after dose.•I & O •CNS Cx: dizziness, drowsiness, decreased LOC, euphoria, pupil reaction Respiratory dysfunction Safety measures: •night-light; •call bell within…