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Morpheme Essay Topics & Paper Examples

What Are the Fundamentals of Linguistics?

Question: What are the fundamentals in Linguistics? Explain each of them and illustrate with relevant examples. by Samuel T. T. Wee Linguistics is the science of language. All areas of language can be examined scientifically such as grammar, sounds, meaning, just to name a few. For the purposes of this essay, I shall limit the fundamentals of linguistics to the following: phonetics and phonology, pragmatics, semantics, discourse morphology and syntax. Phonetics and Phonology Pronunciation can be studied from two perspectives: the phonetic and the phonological. Phonetics “is the study of the way humans make, transmit, and receive speech sounds” (Crystal 1995:236). There are three main branches of phonetics, namely articulatory (i. e. how the vocal organs are used to make…