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Morocco Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Effect of a Change in Language of Instruction on the Returns to Schooling in Morocco

According to this journal, in the last few decades, language reform has been a strong movement throughout the Kingdom of Morocco from a primarily French speaking country, to an Arabic speaking one. In the schools, the French teachers were removed and replaced with native speaking ones. Although the Curriculum changed, the books language did not, because many of the jobs available are in a French speaking language and nation. So, the economic value of the Moroccan people speaking French is greater than only speaking Arabic. In 1983, A process named “Arabization” by many, removed the French language and replaced it with Arabic. In schools in Morocco, many parents left their children in middle school until there was room for them…

In and Out of Morocco

This book can be referred to as a window through which an ordinary man can gain insight into the Moroccan culture which is also referred to as the culture of the ‘Rif’ region which is in Northeastern Morocco. The book happens to be an analysis of the cultural and the social impact of the twin economic activities of migration and smuggling. This takes place amongst the people of Nador. The incident or the events which are presented in the book by the author is believed to take place about thirty years ago that is in the 1980’s. The book can therefore be referred more of a window to explain the Moroccan culture rather than an ethnologic treatise. The author has…

A Walking Holiday in Costa Rica by Mary Novakovich

You’d have to have been living on another planet for the past half-decade not to have clocked the rise and rise of the Red City, Marrakesh. While five-star resorts have proliferated right up to the walls of the 1,000-year-old medina, inside them, along its chiaroscuro labyrinth of alleys and lanes, chic and unique riads have upturned and elevated paradigms of Moroccan design and service. Urbane and luxurious, Marrakesh now feels like a place where there’s nothing—or close to nothing—you can’t have. Which is why the places to look for the real Morocco often lie far from the burnished suites and buzzing restaurants of this city on the plain. Striking out for the farther reaches of the country is rewarded with…