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Mormon Church: Restricts Access to Holocaust Victims Essay

This article is about the practice of the Mormon religion where they baptize holocaust victims. The members of this religion believe that the baptism allows the deceased to move on to the afterlife. This is a controversial issue among other religions, especially the Jewish population. They are very upset because they believe that the Mormons are trying to alter the religion of the Holocaust victims.

This has caused the Jewish population to call an end of these religious practices. The Mormons have now closed their online database that contained all of the names of the Holocaust victims. This will keep the public from accessing this database and should stop these baptisms. But the Jewish population believes that this is just a cover up and that the Mormons will continue to practice these baptisms. This firewall does not help the problem.

These practices do not even make sense. Why would they want to baptize these Holocaust victims? What is the point? This is basically defiling the dead. The Jewish population has every right to be angered by this. The Holocaust victims were murdered for being Jewish, not Mormon. They have absolutely no right to baptize these Jews. This should be totally illegal and the government should put an end to it. The Mormons should really make sure that this is put to an end. There is absolutely no reason for them to be baptizing dead people. Especially Holocaust victims.

Press, Associated. “Mormon Church Responds to Criticism of Proxy Baptisms, Restricts Access to Holocaust Victims.” Washington Post. The Washington Pos,08,Mar. 2012. Web.08 Mar.2012.

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